Tuesday, May 17, 2011

15-year-old University of Baltimore Senior Is Law School Bound

BALTIMORE- Ty Hobson-Powell, a Baltimore 15-year-old is preparing for law school after completing four years of college in record time. On Monday, Hobson-Powell became one of the youngest students in history to graduate from The University of Baltimore.

"I mean I don't consider myself a genius, I just say that I've capitalized on my experiences, I've made the most of everything with the help of educators," Ty said. "I just knew that he was just more advanced for children his age. You know, I could sit down and have a conversation with him at 2-years old," said Liz Hobson-Powell, Ty’s mother.

Ms. Powell said she is not at all surprised by her son's achievements because he was learning the Chinese language at age 3. He graduated from high school at age 13, and also attended Howard University-an HBCU in Washington, D.C.

Powell remained focused, transferred to The University of Baltimore and completed four years of college in two years. Next stop-law school. “My siblings, my parents would tell you that I always love to argue, and I'd figure that I'd make a career out of it," Powell said. Ms. Powell stated, “Since the age of 4 he always said he wanted to be Attorney General, but first he must get his driver's license.”

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