Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Philadelphia Teachers Told They Cannot Teach Black Students

Your Black World reports

Racism used to largely be white on black, but it looks like the tables have turned in Philadelphia.
As of last week, four white teachers at Thomas Mifflin Elementary School filed lawsuits with complaints of being discriminated against in ways that inhibited their work. 
As part of their professional development training, teachers at this predominantly black school were asked to read an article that claimed "white teachers do not have the ability to teach African-American students." Though the latter act may not be definitively deemed as discrimination per se, other acts were more blatantly discriminatory. These white instructors shared that they were strictly held to rules that black instructors were permitted to ignore. They reported being  denied access to necessary supplies for their classes, not being notified of schedule alterations, and being given undue negative professional performance marks. They also say that Charles Ray III, the former principle of Thomas Mifflin Elementary School, set an "atmosphere of distrust and favoritism" that continuously strained their relationships with their students.

It is common for people to debate on the progress the United States has made in terms of ending racism. Yes,  blacks still suffer injustices today from people of many races. Yes, justice should be served. That said, it does not look like turning the tables to black on white racism is the proper solution to the ongoing problem of racism.    
by Ayvaunn Penn
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