Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hampton Teen Charged with Capital Murder after being Bullied and Abused for Years by Assailants

By Julius Kane



Hampton Virginia- A sixteen year old Hampton Virginia teen was charged with
Capital Murder after the shooting deaths of two local men. After robbing the
16 year old at knifepoint a few months earlier, Donovan Walker and Kenneth 'Jake ' Wilson
were shot to death, this time attempting to extort the teen and threatening his family. Witnesses
said the two men appeared out of nowhere and began "threatening and bullying everybody at the park."

 The sixteen year-old, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, attempted to leave
but was detained and assaulted by the two men. Walker and Wilson took the teens BMX in lieu
of payment. After promising to bring them back money and bike parts the assailants allowed
the teen to leave. However, upon his return the distraught teen demanded his property but was
again threatened. And that's when shots were fired.

No one knows why these two grown men were compelled to troll skateboard parks and high school events to prey on teenage boys. Walker and Wilson had been terrorizing kids in the Hampton community for years, with little if any consequence. So much so they have extensive criminal records; both juvenile and adult.  

 Their crimes ranged from assault and battery to robbery and burglar. The police
had been called as recently as two days earlier to the very park where the shootings took place.
Almost a dozen teens have come forward since the incident revealing how the two men had stalked and preyed on them.

 A skinny 15 year old Who Walker and Wilson drug from his car and beat while his mother
screamed in horror, couldn't understand how the pair was let back out on the street.
"I thought they were still in jail for what they did to me.” Two other bikers at the park that
day had restraining orders against them-anyway. They weren't supposed to be there."

 The accused and his family are life-long residents of Virginia. The parents of the teen constantly
complained to police about their lack of action when it came to their son being bullied at school and around the neighborhood. But little was ever done. "My son doesn't have a history of violence at all, said the mother. The system failed him, so he took the final step to protect himself and his family."

Do you think the police and teachers do enough to curve bullying?  The parents are seeking your help with a defense fund. Please send to:

P.O. Box 8846 Norfolk VA. 23503
Your Financial Help is TAX DEDUCTABLE:
Non profit I.D. - 90-1037480
Put in memo section JUSTICE FOR JORDYN
Or send your donation through pay- pal:
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Anonymous said...

You people are not telling the entire story. I can't comment on the victims' behavior, but I do know that Jordyn did his fair share of bullying. He is not at all innocent in this matter.

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Anonymous said...

This story is incorrect, and is also one-sided.

James Wilson said...

Fuck Jordyn, He's a faggot

Anonymous said...

The story is accurate and those adults were trouble, even on my street with my kids! When we went to court over them—they were in jail for other offenses and came out in orange jumpsuits. Today I learned the young boy has died and feel so much grief that the actions of these 2 adults caused such pain for so many people. If the legal system hadn’t let all of them down they might all be alive! But by always getting out and not being accountable such pain and lives are lost! This is sickening