Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Duane Dog Chapman Expected To Return Today

Afrosphere Action Coalition Worldwide Web – July 16, 2008

Press Advisory

After contacting the A&E Network and some of its advertisers about the return of Duane “Dog” Chapman’s show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” to the air waves, the Afrosphere Action Coalition released a statement onJune 17th “
expressing our dissatisfaction with the network’s decision”. In anticipation of the planned return of the show, we also hosted the Day of Blogging for Respect in Media:

A&E’s regrettable reply was predictable and dismissive. Nonetheless, the AAC and our constituents remain undeterred in our opposition to the shows return as “Dog” has never owned up to what he actually said, nor demonstrated any change or shown action to make amends; but instead simply put on a PR show with the desire of maintaining commercial viability.

As the
new season of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” airs this evening, Wednesday July 16th the AAC will be monitoring the program for those advertisers who have chosen to put their brands at unnecessarily risk by propping up the position of a public figure who engages in racial denigration; after which we will continue to alert the broader public about those who choose to stand for respect of all peoples in media, verses those corporations standing simply for what they perceive will advantage the bottom line, above all us.

The AAC has and continues to “urge A&E in the strongest terms to reverse course and withdraw their support for Duane Chapan and the Dog the Bounty Hunter show. Until A&E does so, we have no alternative but to inform the viewing public and urge them to withdraw support from A&E and its advertisers. If Duane Chapman had come clean about his racial demeaning behavior and attitudes, thereby demonstrating real sincerity towards actual change, perhaps there may have been a place for him again in the public square. But on the record A&E has set before us, he has simply gotten a vacation and we cannot accept that he is again receiving a platform and further financial reward.”

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