Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Santita Jackson Says: Respect Yourself!

On her WVON radio show this morning, Santita Jackson interrupted a caller - who complained that Black Men are patently irresponsible, and incapable of holding their personal weight - and spoke extensively on the necessity of Black people to keep their emotional encounters away from discussion on public policy. The Theme show for the day was, "Personal Responsibility" vis-a-vis Barack Obama's NAACP Speech yesterday. Ron Walters was the guest of the day, who warned Blacks to hold Barack Obama's feet to the fire -- if they anticipate some substantive derivative from an Obama Presidency. It was when numerous guests began to call in, berating the idea of holding Barack Obama accountable - while suggesting that the Black community is innately disorganized - that Ms. Jackson flipped the script, and spoke spiritedly in defense of Black men, and the Black community. She made a rallying cry for both personal-responsibility and moral-responsibility of the society we exist in. To cap off the show, she urged her listeners to Respect Themselves by all means, and not pre-judge or analyze the entire swath of the Black Male population, from their personal encounters with former boyfriends, baby daddys and husbands. In a timely fashion, she rounded by playing The Staple Singers' hit, "Respect Yourself":

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