Friday, December 16, 2011

Craigslist Hero Donates Kidney To Save Woman’s Life


Your Black News reports:

Miami resident, Selina Hodge, 28, was in desperate need of a kidney donor, so she turned to, where else?


"I turned to Craigslist, because I didn't know where else to turn to," Hodge, told  Florida's WPTV.

Though her illness has not been disclosed, she received over 800 responses from around the globe --- only to find help only a stone’s throw away in Palm Beach.

Stephanie Grant, 23, decided to place her life on the line to save Hodge’s after hearing about her plight on the news.

"It just amazes me that somebody would actually lay down their life for a complete stranger," said Hodge's mother, Gina Evans.

The family met the first time Tuesday and prayed together before their loved ones were wheeled for the surgery.

"They are the true heroes in society because they are completely selfless and they have nothing to gain from the procedure and it's actually a gift of love," surgeon, Dr. Chen said.

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