Monday, December 12, 2011

13-Year-Old Girl in Police Custody After Giving Sleeping Pills To Classmates



Your Black News reports:

An unidentified 13-year-old girl is now in police custody after slinging prescription pills to her elementary school classmates. according to authorities.

Seven seventh-grade students at H.A. Brown Elementary School in Philadelphia were so sluggish that they had to be helped from the school after a teacher noticed their lethargy and called 911.

Ambien is believed to be her drug of choice, and at least


one of the six victims claims to have had no idea that the pill was anything sinister:

"They handed me something -- I thought like it was a Tic Tac or something," student Sonia Cortez told NBC. "I started biting on it but I noticed it tasted kinda funny so I was like, 'what is this?' So that was when my friend gave me the pill bottle."

Though Cortex and several of the other students were evaluated and released, hospital officials said two students were kept overnight. Their parents told NBC that the cause for extended care was unstable heartbeats.

According to the, HAZMAT crews and fire officials were first on the scene to ensure that environmental hazards were not responsible for sickening the children.

“High blood pressure medicine, Advil, this little girl basically had her own pharmaceutical business going on in the school,” Silvia Vasquez, a mother of one of the victims, told CBS.

The pint-size dope peddler was in the custody of police at last report and will more than likely face suspension.


Hopefully, her parents will face jail time.

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