Monday, December 12, 2011

Former Death Row Record V.P. in Critical Condition After Hollywood Shootout


Your Black News reports:

Former Death Row Records V.P. and music executive John Atterberry was shot three time in the face and neck by an armed pedestrian while driving through the intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, CA. He is listed in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Crazed gunman, Tyler Brehm, 26, shot and injured three drivers before police arrived and returned fire --- killing Brehm after he unloaded about 20 rounds from his .40 caliber handgun into oncoming traffic. Witnesses say he was walking down the street shouting he wanted to die then started shooting indiscriminately into cars. The other victims were treated for minor injuries and released.

According to report,s Brehm had been distraught after a recent break-up with his girlfriend of over four years. Christina Mesropian, a neighbor of the couple, said Brehm never really got over the break-up and feels it may have been what made him suicidal.

She told KNBC news, "When you walk down the street shooting at people that's probably when you expect that you are going to die, he was most probably asking for it."

In addition to high-powered career at Death Row, Atterberry is a founder Mergela Records and Consulting,  helping to create music publishing company Infusion Music Group. He's also worked with Brandy, The spice Girls and Jessica Simpson.


Taunya Baker Curry said...

My goodness. When will all the madness stop! God bless the Atterberry family.

Anonymous said...

keeping him in PRAYER~~~where is suge knight

John Prewett said...

What do you make of some witnesses who claim the shooter was screaming Muslim stuff ?

catherine said...

Praying for the wounded and bereaved. "When will the madness stop?" "The madeness will stop when Jesus Christ return. Unless a person knows the Lord he willo fall farther and farther into damnation taking as many as possible with him/her.
Jesus warns theses things in His Word.
This world belongs to satan and his helpers. He's out to take all he can from the Lord. His workers are those that do not know the Lord, lusting after the flesh. Naked we came,naked we will return. People died every day for what isn't their's and what will never be their's.