Monday, November 7, 2011

When the Checks Stop Coming In: TO to Be Arrested for Child Support

An arrest warrant has been issued for Terrell Owens for not showing up to court on a child support issue.  Diana Bianchini, a spokeswoman for Owens, said that TO was working to reschedule a hearing that was set on October 24.   He tried to reschedule so he could do a televised workout.  Unfortunately for Owens, no NFL teams showed up to see the workout.

Owens has been representing himself while he looks for another attorney.  Some speculate that Owens' financial problems keep him from being able to afford a lawyer.  He is seeking a modification of his child support, since it was based on the $12 million per year he earned while playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Owens is now a 37-year old receiver recovering from knee surgery.  He played 14 games last year for the Cincinnati Bengals, scoring nine touchdowns.  He still believes that he can be one of the top receivers in the NFL if given a chance, but time is against him, with so many young receivers to compete with.

Apparently, TO has four women to deal with in the child support debacle:

He has an 11-year old son with Monique Reynolds, whom he has paid $20,000 per month.  He has a 7-year old daughter with Kimberly Floyd, for whom he paid the same amount.  Last year, he had the amounts for Reynolds and Floyd reduced to $11,202 and $15,000 respectively.

He has a five-year old son with Samelia Miller, for whom he was ordered to pay $13,400 per month.  The last mom was Melanie Paige Smith, who Owens has paid $5,000 per month.  He plans to have the payments for Miller and Smith reduced as well.


Anonymous said...

he need to rap up his penis and put it in his pocket...for real

Anonymous said...

He is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again male bashing.. Is it right that he has 4 children by four different women? NO. But, at least he is trying to provide for his children that is more than some african american males do. I wish they all would pocket those things if it will bring proverty to a childs life.. But, also i can't talk about just the men.. Women we trip - we know that the man can't afford to pay for this children but for whatever reason we keep laying w/out protection - to get pregnant..

Frederick said...

I seriously hope he is not broke. It's way too soon. We have been cheering this guy on the field and on reality V only to find he may be an illiterate who can't afford his lifestyle. I hope he can get it together. Great athlete but needs a real man mentor. I wanna apply for that gig. Peace.
PS. Save your money bro!

Joe H. said...

I have 7 kids with 4 women. My oldest 2 are 21 & my youngest is 13. I've never ever missed a CS payment & I have been paying since the first one was 6 months old. I am aware that I made some very poor life decisions. But I was clueless & ignorantly unaware of the impact it would have on my kids' lives as they got older. I'm very involved in my kids lives and make sure I'm as present as posible. I've worked 2 jobs for the last 18 years and will do so for at least 5 more. I hope he not only finds a way to support them financially, but spends some quality time with them and makes sure that they know each other.

Anonymous said...

@ joe.

But do you have to pay $60,000 a month/ $840,000 a year?

That will eventually break anyone who's not bill gates.

It's not like the man didn't pay. It's just that the system had him paying a redicilous amount of money to the women, not the kids. The kids didn't get anything but leather seats to ride in and a chance to watch their mom shop at the Gucci store.

corbin56 said...

Poor TO. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo...

Lock his arrogant behind up.