Monday, November 7, 2011

Women Talk about Being Sterilized Against Their Will

Thousands of women were sterilized in North Carolina.  They had no idea it was happening. 


Anonymous said...

A horrific thing to do, only in white America on a minority. What else will we find they have done to us. And especially our males. Although this was egregious we need a similar law today. I would suggest a TOTAL hysterectomy on ALL welfare recipriants on their SECOND delivery. At end of surgery, after suturing the incision they should suture the vagina as well. NO need for tax payers for to pay for baby after baby, often by a different sperm donor each time. This would help to foil the white man's plan using our folks with welfare entitlements.

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion is the same as what what done to these women. Stop being stupid. Do you even know what the heck you are saying? Trust me tax payers are paying WAYYYY more money towards corporations and government entities then to welfare receipients.

Anonymous said...

Black america is stuck in an outdated slave type paradigm.
Game over,check mate.Time to get off the moral plantation of this begging this slave massa.These racist's will keep on lying and abusing black people.You can spray for these racist,they could care less about some god.Their god is war,money and taking over.