Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Questionable Kenyan Elections Lead to Violence

There is tremendous unrest in Kenya, as the elections of President Mwai Kibaki to a second term has led to violence.

A mob burned down a church holding hundreds of Kenyans fleeing for safety, killing at least 50 people. The riots themselves have led to the deaths of 263 people. This is a shock, given that Kenya is considered one of Africa's most stable countries.

The EU and the US have refused to congratulate Kibaki, since they feel that the elections were rigged. The EU and four Kenyan officials have called for an independent inquiry. Some have criticized the US for their actions, since many around the world feel that President Bush rigged the 2000 elections.

"There was a huge mob; they attacked the church," said an anonymous witness. "We counted 15 to 20 bodies."

Police officers are not authorized to speak to the media, but some of them did confirm the death toll in the city. Allegations of election rigging were driven by the fact that the opposition party won most of the seats in parliament. Also, there were unexplained delays in vote tallying and peculiar anomalies, such as 115% voter turnout in one constituency.

Opposition leaders have called for a million people to come out and rally against Kibaki. They plan to move forward, even though the government has banned the demonstration.


Anonymous said...

As kenyan i thought iam free to elect who ever i want without facing any repurcussions. Its a pity that leaders like Ruto are hunting for money/power while peace loving kenyan are fighting each other in his backyard.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan Government is in full control of the situation. The biggest problem is the bias by the western media journalist who are one sided and the redcross too is not neutral.

They should tell the ODM leaders to stop inciting unemployed masses who are idle and vonalable. It is time all Kenyans stop squabbles, those disgranted go to court and air their grevances there.
Kanzi iendelee as usual along the justice through courts. International medeators are not needed. PNU won with over 5m votes. ODM had 4.8m. The common man in Kenya should be left alone to go on with his daily toils for survival and peace to prevail for condusive cohabitation of the tribes like before.

Watolwe said...

Kibaki is too thristy for power! If his government had trained well in 'stealing' of votes, just the way they have stolen money through corrupt deals, then this time they feel short of great ideas.

It's shameful to see him scrumble for the presidency at the expense of blood from innocent Kenyans. The souls of the departed will haunt him till death. Shame on you Kibaki, the world is watching you rape our democracy!!!!! You will pay for all this before you die!

Anonymous said...

kibaki is just too thir'sty for power.if he know's he really won the election's why doe's he fear stepping down to pave way for a recount of votes.the people who are talking about ruto,and raila should be ashamed of themselves.why do they want the O.D.M to stop violence yet their leader is the one inciting it for being in the office for all the wrong reason's.i challenge them to tell kibaki to step down and see how peace and calm will be felt all over kenya.

Kenyan Disgusted with Power Hungry Idiots said...

It is absolutely pathetic to listen to both sides of the spectrum talk about the elections. The innocent man, woman and child is dying at the expense of Odinga and Kibaki. If indeed Odinga cares about the country, he should accept defeat and then plan for 2012, of which he will get a strong message from the public...Not fit to lead, other than a war monger...No wonder he is a friend to crooks of Nigeria "Biafra Marcenaries". Fellow Kenyans read Odingas' lips. Do not be deceived.

Anonymous said...

im greatly disturbed and utterly shocked to see fellow kenyans butcher one another over flawed elections. simply two wrongs don't make right! either Kibaki or Raila is the president none will put food on my table... ni bidii yangu!, but all we need is a leader who can steer the country in peace, and propel the economy.

Anonymous said...

My greatest concern is whether the fighting would end if Raila and his party come the power. It seems like it is not a matter of politics and bad elections, but very much a war against the Kikuyu tribe. Will Raila restore peace among tribes? I doubt it. I am sure the KYuks will not sit and watch their people get diminished from the face of the earth. I think it is time the army comes in and puts everything in control otherwise things will get ugly if the two top dogs won't talk.

Anonymous said...

It is such a pity that people like Michuki can talk so stupidly ,when they know for sure people are suffering.Kibaki is very aware that he stole the presidency from Raila but he is just trying to play damn

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was dishonest about getting his job. How then does he expect kenyans to trust that he will do an honest job in the office over the next five years??? The arrogance he has displayed, together with his cronies/advisers,- martha, michuki and the rest is proof to the fact that they do not have the interests of "all Kenyans" on their agenda. Rather, their aim is to corruptly amass power and wealth and to devide the nation. SHAME on you crooks! You do not have any morals. Your days are numbered and kenyans will see to it that you pay for your greed.You have destroyed our nation! May the blood of all those who have died because of your unjust actions hang over your heads and those of your descendants!