Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods and His Interracial Marriage: The Writing on the Wall

by Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Today while hanging out with Rev. Al Sharpton in the studio, I found my mind reflecting deeply on the recent drama between Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren. In spite of the fact that I was sitting next to the man who epitomizes race relations in America, no one brought up the fact that Tiger Woods is involved in an inter-racial marriage. It wasn't because we were afraid to go there, it was just that there were more pressing issues to discuss.

In spite of the fact that Rev. Sharpton and I discussed everything except for the fact that Tiger's wife is white, one of the callers slammed the issue on the table like a five pound slab of raw chicken. The caller made the old OJ Simpson argument: "Had he been with a sister, none of this would have happened."

While I don't agree with the caller's assertion (we know that marital drama knows no racial boundaries), I found it interesting that some of the black women in the studio smirked and looked at the floor, as if to say, "I hear ya girl." These smirks were not built on agreeing with what the woman said, but rather, on the disappointment and resentment that many black women have felt about the fact that Tiger Woods almost never seemed to show any interest in African American females. Unlike guys like myself, who admire Tiger for his achievements, I know a long list of black women who could care less if Tiger were to take his golf clubs and jump off the side of a 10-story building.

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dews2 said...

I think people are free to marry who they please.so what if a asian/black man marry a white woman,or a white/asian man marry a black woman,whats the point? we havent gotten farther than this petty stuff yet?we are still stuck on color after all this time?white people yet stuck on color....black people yet stuck on color...and we wonder why we are so far apart,its no wonder.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

As much as I would like for the color of one's skin not matter in the affairs of life.
The reality of life in this world says different!

Anonymous said...

I don't really see the point of these remarks. It can't be that there's a assumption that black women would necessarily keep Tiger happier than his wife. It can't be that interacial marriage is wrong.

Tiger's issue is a personal one. And he has the right to not say one peep further about it. Let it rest.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Watkins, you are an angry black man! You can't see things for how they truly are because that anger is blocking your view.

Frederick Nichelson said...

Why would anyone expect Mr. Woods to act any differently now. I have never seen him associated with any blacks besides Barkley and Jordan. He is a great golfer and celebrity. That's it. Most at this high level only help with money to a cause. Few stand up and march/speak for a cause. Their handlers don't want to stir the pot. I am in my 40s and that's all I've seen and heard for generations. It's not right or wrong, it's personal.
Some are not raised to stick with race. Moreover, I don't think we should pressure anyine to act a certain way, bi-racial or not. He has the right to be proud of who he is. Blacks may not like it, but we don't have to support him either. I am not suggesting we do or not. Sometimes, you can't help who you love and you certainly can not chose you parents or ancestry. If my child married non-black, so be it. I just hope they are both very happy and love each other. Peace.

FN in Texas

Anonymous said...

I've said this time and time again and that is this: Brotha's who marry these white gurls will be subjected to all kinds of s---. Tiger Woods, OJ, Clarence Thomas,etc all have something in common and that is they all married white gurls and have been subjected to more scrutiny than if they were married to a sista. All this media hype would never exist to the extent it has had Tiger's wife were Black, if OJ's wife were Black and certainly if Clarence Thomas's wife were Black. The media had been waiting for Tiger to slip up because he's beatin the white man's a-- in golf and takin his women too. Jack Johnson did the same thing and look what happend to him. Brotha's who marry white gurls or thinking of marrying white gurls need to wake up, find yourself and realize the beauty within yourself then you will find that Beautiful Black Queen.

Anonymous said...

Brother Tiger lost me when he declared he wasn't Black; he was Kablasian(Korean,Black,Asian)

Now that's what I call going out of your way to deny who you are.

This brother should put on a baseball cap and leather jacket and try catching a cab in NYC and he will see how "Kablasian" he is.

When Fuzzy Zeller unleashed on him recently, he did not tell him to go eat some fried rice or some other Asian insult. Instead he told him "go eat some 'fried chicken' or 'collard greens' or whatever else 'they' eat".

Get the picture Tiger? You are just a house negro with an exceptional skill and there are those who won't let you forget that.

But I ain't mad at you. I do the same thing except I am motivated differently.

I just like to piss off their men.

Anonymous said...

I posted the previous comment. Dr. Boyce is right by bringing this matter up in that the media is a tool the white man uses to carry out his attack against Black Men who marry these white gurls. Clarence Thomas referred to it as "high tech lynching." I'm married to a Beautiful Black Queen from Chicago (26 years) and would have it no other way. The group The Last Poets said it best: "Wake up Nigga's."

Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot believe the prejudice, judgemental people posting their comments here. Is this not almost 2010 people? Slavery has been abolished. Get over it already! Men or women of any race can now marry men or women of any other race. In fact, men can marry men and women can marry women in some states. Would it matter then what their race was?

http://blackbeltrecruiting.com said...

Slavery may be over, but the Willie Lynch Syndrome is alive and well. The trouble is that most African Americans know nothing about the Willie Lynch Syndrome.

dews2 said...

The problem isnt just the white media,because if the media was controlled by blacks it would probally be worse.Im a native american/black mix,and i tell my silly friends that would suggest im black that to say im black only would deny my cherokee heritage,and i dont really care what people think,i know who i am and thats the final word.black people are just as racist as white people,and its ok,because foolishness isnt a race thing its a people thing.silly people that are white stress the fact that tiger is married to a white woman.silly black people that are black do the same exact thing,but yet we cry equality...lol isnt that just a riot? if you wanna be treated equal start thinking equal,all people are created equal,we just treat each other differently.no wonder the bible says man looks on the outward appearance,but God looks at the heart of a man and judges him accordingly,we are so unable to look at all men equal because we ourselves are tainted with the same thing we see in others!

dews2 said...

how people treat you dont define who you are,it just shows how inmature grown people can act,just because tiger may or may not be able to get a cab in new york doesnt define who he is,it just shows ignorant people being themselves,it shows how people can see racism in others, but fail to see it within themselves.I see the great men and women of times gone by wishing for a better world for their children...lol,its a same the ignorant people wont go away for that dream to become a reality.

Anonymous said...


Instead of lol, you should be col(crying out loud). You yourself said it in your last sentence. You are dreaming.

That utopian ideal would work if you are alone on a desert island but this is no desert my friend,and there are as many positions on race and ethnicity as there are people and much of it ain't good, so get used to it.

I refer you to the national Republican atmosphere during the presidential campaign and more recently, during the rash of right wing town hall meetings that exposed the raw underbelly of racial sentiment in the land.

When the people who determine whether you are hired or fired are the same ones who "define" you, that's no laughing matter.

Your reality awaits you!

Anonymous said...

So the Florida 5-0 cut the Tiger a break. Class has its advantages!

Now he can lay low while the swelling in his punched lips goes down and the stitches can be removed.

He will emerge, once again, to be foul-mouth and petulant when he loses or punch the air in gleeful victory when he wins...and bask in the knowledge that he is not Black, but Kablasian.

Viva el Tigre!

dews2 said...

yea the dream goes on,because reality may never happen.the older people are yet very racist and they pass down that trait to the next generation,ooops i know i didnt say trait! i meant foolish idealogy yea thats the right phrase! anyway they pass it on to future generations so they may poison the future,and kill any idea or dream of a better future!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it if Tiger had married a black woman you would never have heard about this. Why, you ask? It's because this beautiful white woman has alternatives. She could find another man to take care of her(not as if she will need it). Black women feel more trapped into putting up and shutting up. This infidelity happens everywhere and Tiger is no exception. This is the way men are bred. Quit talking race and realize it is a man problem not a race problem. All men cheat, have cheated or will cheat. Know Tiger can come down from his pedestal and be just like the rest of dumb simple minded fools. HE fell for it. The forbidden fruit. He is human, who would of thought?

Dr.Allam said...

There is no guarantee in any relationship, regardless of race. The color of the skin does not correlate with morality & character of a person. Most racial groups give a perception of uniformity in behavior which does not hold true but that perception is used by all races to discriminate against each other.
The true social standard is dictated by wealth & power.

Dr.Allam said...

It must be frustrating when people cannot put every human in a pigeon hole and bash them regardless of their individual identity.
Tiger is not black or oriental
He is part of the emerging majority in America and a true American !
Barack Obama is not white or black - He is an American
The perception of an American is no longer going to be a WASP in this secular melting pot that is America.
This is what the right wing is frustrated about and longing to go back to the "good old days"

Verna said...

I dont blame Tiger. I blame society which sends a double message. Men in general throughout the ages- usually are cheaters. And I am speaking from all cultures. Of course women are catching up. Just wish Tiger could have avoided the empty 'skirts' who circle his wagon..just for "gifts." Have no interest in him as a person.

On his claim of race, I blame his parents. Sorry. He possibly grew up not understanding what 'race' meant. Since none of us is perfect, I will give him some slack. One can only hope this is a great lesson for all of us. www.vernasmith.com

Anonymous said...

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