Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why White Guys Keep Getting the Heisman

Perhaps they should just call it the "Whiteman Award" and cut to the damn chase. Seriously. 3 out of 4 of the Heisman Candidates this year were white, although anyone with eyeballs knows that college sports is dominated by black men.

But then again, the Heisman always goes to the golden boy. That is usually a white quarterback. The black guys get the Heisman sometimes, but they have to be supermen to beat out the leading white guy.

Then, the NFL draft comes, and we see all the black guys getting drafted first. This clearly shows that they are the best players on the field, but the white guys keep getting the Heisman.

So, let's just call it the WhiteMan Award. What is most ironic is that it was not until after the year 2000 that the Heisman became it's most racist. Since the year 2000, 6 of the 8 Heisman Trophy winners have been white quarterbacks. What is also interesting is that when a black man wins it, he is usually a running back. When a white guy wins it, it is as a quarterback.

Here is a list of the Heisman Winners since the early 80s. Out of this list, only a couple of the white winners have done jack squat in the NFL. Most of the black running backs who win the Heisman went on to have great NFL careers. Some of them did not. But while the black failure of a Heisman winner is rare, the failure of white quarterbacks after winning the Heisman is the norm. It is no different from the year that Shaquille O'neal was given none of the player of the year awards, while Christian Laettner got everything. That was a travesty.

Here is a list of the Heisman winners. You be the judge:

2007 Tim Tebow Florida (Quarterback)
2006 Troy Smith Ohio State (Quarterback)
2005 Reggie Bush USC (Running Back)
2004 Matt Leinart USC (Quarterback)
2003 Jason White Oklahoma (Quarterback)
2002 Carson Palmer Southern California (Quarterback)
2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska (Quarterback)
2000 Chris Weinke Florida State (Quarterback)

1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin (Running Back)
1998 Ricky Williams Texas (Running Back)
1997 Charles Woodson Michigan (Cornerback)
1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida (Quarterback) 1995 Eddie George Ohio State (Running Back)
1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado (Running Back)
1993 Charlie Ward Florida State (Quarterback)
1992 Gino Torretta Miami (Quarterback)
1991 Desmond Howard Michigan (Wide Receiver)
1990 Ty Detmer Brigham Young (Quarterback)
1989 Andre Ware Houston (Quarterback)
1988 Barry Sanders Oklahoma State (Running Back)
1987 Tim Brown Notre Dame (Wide Receiver)
1986 Vinny Testaverde Miami (Quarterback)
1985 Bo Jackson Auburn (Running Back)
1984 Doug Flutie Boston College (Quarterback)
1983 Mike Rozier Nebraska (Running Back)
1982 Herschel Walker Georgia (Running Back)
1981 Marcus Allen Southern California (Running Back)


Stebango said...

This award typically goes to either QB or RB. There has been a large majority of white QB's to date, which surely affects the numbers. 26 years you listed
11 of those were white winners, 15 black...even though blacks have won it more years in that period, it's not good enough to satisfy you. It appears your underlying premise is that it the heisman should really be called the "blackman" award, isn't that right? And when white people win, it hurts your argument. You conveniently neglected to mention that that from '71 to '80 there were only 2 white heismans winners.

What amazes me, is how the days of the old negro leagues and segregation, which was fought so arduously, with pride and humility to conquer and be victorious over, and there you are, desiring to go back to those days of blatant ignorance. And sadly, many fans, who are hispanic, chinese, mexican and others from all backgrounds and nationalities of the game are longing for their first heisman winner!
Congratulations on another great racist article! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The Heisman award is not about what the player will do in the NFL, it is about what they have accomplished in college. Success in the NFL has nothing to do with race. It is hard for ANYONE to make it in the NFL. Several of those Heisman winners--both black and white--have struggled in the NFL.

The evidence that you claim supports your argument clearly detracts from it. More black athletes than whites have won the Heisman, and in the past 3 years, 2 of the winners were black--one of them a black quarterback.

Also, that same black quarterback fell to the end of the 5th round. Clearly many white players went before him. By your argument, they must have been much better athletes in college and they deserved to win the Heisman instead.

Next time make a valid argument instead of just invoking the race card. I agree with Stebango, you should be ashamed.