Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary! Stop all that damn crying!

What's with all the crying Hillary? I am not sure when the last time was that I saw Hillary Clinton crying over anything, especially not losing a primary in a meaningless state where less than 5% of the voters even show up.

Yes, crying was a political tactic and yes it worked. But this is a serious setback for women trying to get into the Whitehouse.

If we get attacked by another country, is she going to cry then? Maybe if our enemies see our President in tears, they won't bomb us to death.

What if Obama had cried, what would we think of him? We would probably send him a box of kleenex and tampons and tell him to go back to Chicago.

Hillary, this stuff has got to stop. You have to win the election fairly like everyone else. By playing the gender card in such a sad and desperate fashion, you set women back 100 years. You should have been crying when your husband was screwing around, then maybe we would believe you.

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