Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barack Obama Defeated by Hillary in New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton has defeated Barack Obama in New Hampshire. Clinton finished the race with 39% of the vote, with Obama getting 36%. John Edwards was a distant third, securing 17% of the vote.

On the Republican side, John McCain won with 37% of the vote and Mitt Romney pulled up second with 32%. Mike Huckabee and Rudolph Guiliani are not yet factors in the election.

The loss is a setback for the Obama campaign, which achieved a great deal of momentum after his win in Iowa. In spite of the small size of Iowa and New Hampshire, they are given a disproportionate amount of importance in election primaries. Some have criticized the system, stating that it does not properly reflect what is going on throughout the country.

The win is considered a campaign saver for Clinton, who was allegedly running short of funds in her drive to become the first female president of the United States. The win was nothing short of stunning, as Clinton was proclaimed to be trailing Obama by double digits in many respected polls.

Hillary Clinton's progress has reminded some of the experience of her husband Bill, whose first boost came with a second place win in New Hampshire. Clinton used the momentum and eventually went on to become President of the United States. During the 1992 election, Bill Clinton proclaimed himself "The comeback Kid", which led to voter enthusiasm that thrust him into The White House.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dr. Watkins, love ya but advocating my first amendment rights: Go Hillary!

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. My prediction: Clinton, Dem Pres. candidate and Obama, Dem VP candidate

Now that ensures that both won't get assainated in what a white comedian states the U.S. as the Red, White and Blue stands for: Redneck, White trash and Blue Collar Worker.

Anonymous said...

i really don't want her in the white house.. when asked a few question by the press that everyone is answering she tried not to answer it on many occasions .. some of the policies she and the rest of the Dem. are advocating is crazy. bringing the military hope so fast giving the govt to poke in my business more and guess what im middle class now but i just started my own business guess what how they try to to tax you a lot just because you try harder to succeed is dumb.