Monday, January 21, 2013

What would Martin say?

As we commemorate the 84th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I cannot help but to reflect on the times that we live in now and wonder what would happen if he were alive. Certainly, the election and re-election of President Barack Obama would put a smile on his face. And yes, we have the right to eat where we want, live where we want, and the right to chose were we would like to obtain our diplomas and degrees (Sometimes). However, I doubt that Dr. King would think everything his honkie-dorie with Black America.

African-Americans are dealing with unemployment at 14% and rising, as well as health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure among other things. Not to mention, we are now dealing with high abortion rates, which has now become the fastest killer of African-Americans. Surely, he wouldn't be happy about that.

It's funny how every year, around Dr. King's birthday, people tend to categorize Dr. King in only the "I have a Dream" speech. We hear it every year, in sound bites on television and radio. Yet, rarely do we hear about the Martin Luther King who called the U.S.A. "The greatest purveyor of violence." Nor do we hear to often, my personal favorite Dr. King Speech, that ended up being is last, "I've Been To The Mountaintop."

It just so happens that Dr. King was there helping the Sanitation Workers, who were fighting not only for just wages, but to be treated as men. Men that want and do provide for their families, something sadly that is missing these days. Just as it was in 1968, Dr. King would be there fighting on behalf of the poor and the African-Americans whose unemployment rate has been rising. He would demand that President Obama would address those issues and hold him accountable because President Obama is not a King, but a servant to the people as what the presidency should be about, not serving corporate interest no matter the political party.

Finally, would Dr. King be happy about the division and the break-up of the black family? I wonder what he would think of shows such as All My Babies' Mamas or Basketball Wives. The examples that they are setting to our youth. No, Dr. King would not be smiling, he would be fighting and challenging our people to accomplish things better for themselves and most importantly, for our youth. I know that Dr. King would be happy to see a beautiful First Family that looks like him, but that was not the only part of "The Dream". More work is to be done. Work that would lead to an equal playing field. Let's not just have a Black President when the nation is 9 trillion dollars in debt, and there's two wars. Give me the keys to the mansion with all the rooms furnished.

If you have one black president, have 43 more black presidents on an equal playing field. Now, that truly is a Dream.

Yours Truly,



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I feel like none of this would happen in the small state of North Dakota

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