Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally: TV One Sheds Light On The “Black and Missing” In New Series




By: Kirsten West Savali, Your Black World

Many people in Black America have expressed anger, shock, frustration and disappointment for the lack of coverage for missing Black people in America.

While it seems that every missing white woman and child is plastered across newspapers and TV screens, often, black women and children disappear without a trace, with no one but their families being aware that they’re gone --- until it’s too late.

Well, TV One heard that frustration, and premiering January 18, the docu-drama, “Black and Missing” will highlight the stories of the nameless Black faces who fly under the radar.

“[Black and Missing] will put names and faces to people of color – young and old- who have disappeared without a trace. Each riveting episode features a dramatic and emotional tale that places the viewer within the lives of the missing person, along with reflecting the pain of their loved ones, while confronting dead ends at every turn,” says the TV One website.

Hopefully, there will be a happy ending for the family of Phoenix Coldon (pictured above), a 23-year-old woman who backed out of her St. Louis driveway on December 18, 2011, and hasn’t been seen since.

This is definitely a move in the right direction, and much respect to TV One for having their finger on the pulse of the Black community. Now, we won’t have to wait on that Nancy Grace episode that never comes.

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Taunya Baker Curry said...

God bless to all the families looking and waiting for a missing loved one.