Friday, December 16, 2011

Wal-mart Worker Puts Welfare Participants On Blast


Your Black News reports:

Christine Rousselle decided that it was time to speak out about her experiences as a Wal-mart cashier and she held no punches.

The 20-year-old Providence College in Rhode Island student wrote a scathing column for The College Conservative revealing how fed up she is with the hypocrisy of welfare customers. Among the charges, Rousselle accuses them of chatting on expensive IPhones while buying lobsters, toys and jewelry. She even goes so far to suggest that a man funded his hot-dog business with welfare money.

She said that she felt compelled to do the column after a customer purchased his items with a food stamp card with the face of Massachusetts ex-governor Michael Dukakis on the front.

Dukakis was last in office in 1991 --- which meant the man had been on welfare her entire life.

Rousselle has received both praise and criticism for the column, and now says that she wants to be the next Ann Coulter.

“I’m having the time of my life,” Rousselle said. “I would love to do this full-time.”

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Taunya Baker Curry said...

Well I think that she can not judge anyone. I agree that it is upsetting to see people using an EBT card and talking on the latest, most expensive phones. But not all welfare consumers are not the same. She doesn't know what that man had been going through all these years that he is on welfare. Just like everything else designed to help the needy, you are going to have those that are ging to take advantage of the situation.