Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tiger Set to Faceoff Against Caddie Who Called Him a “Black Asshole”

Your Black World reports

Tiger Woods is set to face off against his ex-caddie, Steve Williams this week, a match-up that is sure to draw major attention from both spectators and media. Williams sparked controversy by referring to Tiger as a “black asshole” during a recent speech after Woods fired him earlier this year.

Tiger is set to face up against Adam Scott and Williams in a foursome on Thursday.

The decision to put the two together was likely driven by a quest for TV ratings, which have dropped since Woods’ golf game has fallen apart. After dominating professional golf for 12 years, Tiger hasn’t won a match in two years and has dropped out of the top 50 players in the world. International captain Greg Norman has said that Tiger will never win another major championship again.

"I think it's great for the tournament," Norman said. "It needed to be done."

Steve Scott hired Woods to be his caddie after Tiger fired him this past summer. It will be the first time the two have faced off since the firing.

"I'm sure Freddie and I — everybody — we want to put this behind us," Norman said. "It's a dead issue as far as we're concerned. There's no animosity between any of the players. I know it's good fodder. People like to talk about it in the media. But from our perspective, it's dead and gone. And we would like to keep that way going forward."

In spite of being called a “black asshole” by Williams, Tiger insists that he is not a racist. He also says that the two shook hands in a local gym recently.


David2001 said...

Tiger Woods had forgiven and excused every single white racist comment against black people that has been spewed against him. He doesn't consider himself black so I guess that's the reason he's so forgiving of white racism. Of course none of the racial slurs are EVER against Asians. I wonder if Tiger would be so forgiving if they were? He doesn't consider himself black which is fine by me but black media needs to stop covering the trials and tribulations of this disgraced non black clown.

Anonymous said...

How does his father feel about Tiger not considering himself to be black?