Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teen Girl Brings Weapons to School, Attacks Asst. Principal with a Hammer

Your Black World reports

Diana Barfield, a 16-year old girl, was charged as an adult in an incident in which the girl allegedly attacked her assistant principal with a hammer.  According to police, Barfield brought a bag of weapons to school in addition to the hammer.

The incident took place on October 7 at Evan High School in Orlando, Florida.  Her grandmother was shocked to hear what happened:

"She got into fights before, but these weapons?" Diane Carson said.

Police are saying that the girl brought a steak knife, an eyebrow razor, a box cutter and a homemade shank.   Her grandmother mentioned that the girl has stated that she felt threatened by gangs and bullies at school, and that carrying the weapons shows that she didn’t feel safe.

"If the child had three or four weapons on her, isn't that telling you something? The child is scared," Carson said.

School officials don’t agree with the grandmother, since they argue that attacking a school official goes beyond dealing with another student.

Barfield’s bond is set at $3,650 and she cannot contact the assistant principal.  Also, she can’t attend her old high school any longer or possess weapons.


WizardG said...

I hope they find the underlying psychosocial problems that are haunting this poor child!Before they condemn her they had better get to the root of her problems. They have an obligation to do no harm to this child under these circumstances that appear to be seriously affecting her and those around her. Furthermore I would like to know what this principal was doing to her which made her turn on him/her? This little snippet of a story I see is inadequate at best. Please help this poor child!

Anonymous said...

I concur

Anonymous said...

I have no words