Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slain Custom Officer’s Murder Leads To His Father’s Death and His Daughter’s Birth



When U.S. custom officer, Maurice Gordon, 33, was murdered by a hail of bullets in front of his parents Queens New York home in June of 2010, his death set into motion both a second painful tragedy and a miraculous delivery.

His father, Desmond Gordon, crippled with grief, died from a heart attack the day of his son’s funeral; then, unexpectedly, Maurice’s wife, Katisha, gave birth to their second daughter over a year later via in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“I wanted another child with Maurice,” 34-year-old Katisha said. “It was something we both discussed, so there was no hesitation at all.”

The couple’s first child, Zoe, now 2, was also born through in vitro, and  Katisha made the decision to use left over embryos to give her a sister. According to the grieving widow, Maurice was adamant about Zoe not being an only child. Baby Paige, born 6 pounds, 8 ounces --- and the spitting image of her father according to family --- came into the world July 26, 2011.

“The baby is beautiful, but it is sad at the same time because Maurice is written all over her face,” said sister Dionne Gordon. “He was a such a father figure to Zoe, and he doesn’t have that opportunity to do it with Paige.”

Maurice Gordon with daughter Zoe

Police suspect the murderer tried to “pick up” Maurice’s cousin at Moments Night Club in Elmont, L.I., and once he was turned down, followed them back to Queens where the murder occurred.

Leads are scarce --- which is, unfortunately, a regular occurrence in urban areas where people place more value on “not snitchin’” than human life. The NYPD is offering a $22,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment. Anyone with information is asked to call (800) 577-TIPS .

“No matter how much time is left on Earth, the pain that we’ve had with the loss of Maurice and Desmond Gordon will never be healed,” Dionne told the NY Daily News. “One murder caused two deaths.”

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