Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State Coach Rumored to "Like" Black Boys

Jerry Sandusky had a preference for black boys?

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Anonymous said...

This has NOTHING to do with color. This is about a pediophile who raped little boys. So far the first victim whose Mom came out was white. But, again it's not about the color, it's about the age with these sick pervert's. ALL kids of a certain age are in danger from these pervert's. Some even go after babies. Throwing color into every discussion is in it self racist. No wonder people will never come together. Everyone is separated into little "boxes". BUT everyone has forgotten we are all ONE RACE the human race, and biologically this is true. We have different cultures, physically we all have the same skelatol frame, heart, lungs, kidneys, blood. And brains! Mankind includes all.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that those who "created" the concept and implimented the dehumanization of a entire continent of people for hundreds of years, think they can now critique the victims of racism. If these white males are still doing this today, imagine what they did during American slavery, without any recourse to them, then imagine the generations of those decended from those brutalized children. It is long overdue for whites to begin to talk to each other about this tendency of white males toward little boys. Have you brought that issue up with whites?

Yes, we will talk about it and no you do not decide what a valid discussion for us or not, got it?

alicia banks said...

so he is a monster with jungle fever


Anonymous said...

Not this one.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this sort of behavior has been around for a while. It came down from the caves and established itself in Greece, traveled to Rome infested the church and became an initiation rite into elite circles up to this very day. It is not an African tradition even though we find due to slavery many picked up the bad habit. Young Black men will have to decide what price they will have to pay when they seek success in this world.

Anonymous said...

They were "inner city" kids from his nonprofit foundation. What color do you think they were? Read the grand jury report for yourself. It goes into eye witness detail for 23 pages what this man did to those children over and over for years. The victims were between 10-13 years old. There were 8 victims described in the grand jury report, and God knows that is probably only the tip of the iceberg because he had access to so many kids and everyone who could have stopped him turned the other way. If little Johnny had be getting raped they might have gotten upset; but subconsciously they probably figured little "inner city" boys getting raped was no big deal. If guilty, that monster needs to stay in jail for the rest of his life. I'm sure the other prisoners will take care of the situation.

True That said...

Watch the mainstream media they have already started to put a spin on who was RESPONSIBLE for turning this criminal in.

Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary of State Laws

So what have we got so far is this: the States Attorney of Pennsylvania at the time. is now the Governor of Pennsylvania. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, the judge that originally slapped his wrist and let this freak go ruling Jerry Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail after being charged with “40 counts” of sexual abuse against children is a volunteer for The Second Mile, the charity Sandusky founded. The state Attorney General's Office requested $500,000 bail and an electronic leg monitor for Sandusky, but District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, active in several volunteer roles, ordered Sandusky, a State College resident, to have no contact with children (no supervision or registering as a sex offender). He will not have to pay any money unless he fails to appear for court.
Dutchot also serves as counsel for the law firm Goodall & Yurchak. She is vice president of Centre County Meals on Wheels, a counselor at Centre County Law Enforcement Camp Cadet, Inc. and volunteers for the American Heart Association.

Read more:

Child Rapist are “Murderers”! Whoever that child was to become dies forever and the rest of their lives are tormented by millions of questions that they never should have had to think.

One of the saddest things about these murders is that the are aided and abetted by other adults!

True That said...

check this one out! our abuse just keeps repeating.