Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Friend Request: Long Lost Father Finds Son on Facebook


By: Jahbrielle Henning-Rayford, Your Black World

After searching for 25 years, Darryl Williams Sr. found his first born, Darryl Williams Jr. on Facebook.

When Darryl Jr. was 5-years-old, he and his mother left with no way to be contacted --- until now. Darryl Sr. found a man with the same name as his; hoping the man might be his son, he sent him a friend request. Darryl Jr. instant messaged his father stating, “Mr. Williams, you’re my dad.”

Darryl Jr. and his son met his dad and grandfather, and also discovered that Darryl Jr. had brothers. During the meeting, the father and son were expectantly emotional. “That was the first time I could hug him in 25 years. And it was beautiful,” said Darryl Sr. Darryl Jr. expressed how it had always been his dream to meet his father again. “That’s been my shining grace,” said Darryl Jr. excitingly.

Facebook, recently under attack when the “Anonymous” group hacked user’s accounts to distribute excessive amounts of porn and other offensive materials, has been known to reunite long lost family members, classmates, and friends.

Imagine getting a friend request that would change your life, forever?

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Taunya Baker Curry said...

This is a beautiful story. God bless them all.