Monday, November 7, 2011

Dr. Boyce: An Open Letter from Herman Cain - I am a Victim of Racism, but You're Not

open letter from Herman Cain

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Anonymous said...

boyce. no one has more suffering than you do. cain rose above racism, you rejoice and wallow in it.

it is your identity

Anthony II said...

Cain is not presidential. He is a black puppet. His words, thoughts, actions, are as shallow and empty as the ventriloquist who pulls his strings.
You don't rise above racism by denying it exists, then running to it when it hits you in the face. You also don't rise above racism by selling your identity to the highest bidder hoping the cost is not too high and the return doesn't account for the rates of inflation.
Identity theft is now an acknowledged crime in this country. Cain sold his identity a long time ago. Why he thinks that makes him presidential material is the joke, if in fact he even thinks for himself. No better example of the "Walking Dead" exists. Only those of his ilk will lumber along beside him. No known cure or antedote for his affliction... "Shufflin while thinking you're not black"