Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Good Deal!" Obama Weighs In On NBA Agreement


Your Black Politics reports:

President Obama had a huge smile on his face after playing a game of basketball at Fort McNair Army Base in Washington on Saturday. The smile grew even wider when he was asked about the end to the NBA lockout and the tentative agreement reached between players and owners:

"Good deal!" said the Hooper-in-Chief.

The NBA season is set to begin on December 25, if all players and owners agree to the terms, NBA commissioner David Stern has announced that training camp will begin December 9.

The "First Ever Obama Classic", featuring current and former NBA players and hosted by the president, is scheduled for December 12. Boston Celtics' guard Ray “Jesus” Allen and New York Knicks' forward Carmelo Anthony are scheduled to participated, along with Patrick Ewing, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard. 

With rumors circulating that the deal reached by select players and owners, disproportionately benefit the owners, one wonders what exactly Obama thinks is so “good” about it? 

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