Thursday, November 17, 2011

President Obama’s Uncle Challenges Legality of DUI Arrest



By: Jahbrielle Henning-Rayford,  Your Black World

Onyango Obama, the half-brother of President Barack Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.,and an employee at a local Framingham liquor store, is back in court after being charged with DUI.

On August 24. the 67-year-old was pulled over and given a breathalyzer. According to reports from the Framingham, Massachusetts police department, his blood alcohol level was 0.14, six levels over the legal limit.

Obama’s attorneys argue that the officers had “no reason to stop him” in the first place. They ask for suppression of evidence, since the arrest was in violation of his constitutional rights. However, the Kenyan Native is facing issues with his status as an American citizen. After years of being in the United States illegally, in 1992, Obama was ordered to deport back to Kenya, but has not.

Onyango Obama’s hearing to suppress evidence for the DUI charge has been scheduled for January 12, 2012. If he is found guilty, there is a strong chance that he will be deported to Kenya.

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