Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Supremacist to Recieve Lethal Injection Today in James Byrd Murder Case

By Julius Kane

One of three men convicted in the brutal slaying of James Byrd Jr., is expected to be
 executed today. Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, was sentenced to death for the 1998 murder of the Jasper county black man who was the victim of a hate crime. It was a case that was so horrific it made international headlines and led to the passage of state and federal hate crimes legislation. Brewer, Shawn Allen Berry and John William King on June 7th 1998 snatched Byrd as he was walking down a deserted road. The three men beat him, cut his throat, chained him to the back of a pickup truck by his ankles, and sped off.

The trio drove over two miles before Byrd was decapitated when his head hit a concrete culvert. The men dumped Byrd's body in a cemetery and went to a cookout. Police matched Brewer's DNA to items left at the dump site and Byrd's blood on his shoe. King was also sentenced to death for the slaying of Byrd and currently sits on death row. Shawn Allen Berry received life in prison. Law enforcement officials who visited Brewer on death row said he expressed no remorse for his role in the murder. The avowed white supremacist recently told a television reporter; he's "glad it's about to come to an end."

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Anonymous said...

he's lying about how glad he is for the end. due to the fact he is facing his death to the point of no return....he may well put on that moncho front.