Thursday, September 15, 2011

Does Sarah Palin Have A Fetish For Black Men?


By Julius Kane

I know the Republican Party has been screwing minorities for years, but Sarah Palin? Say it isn’t so!  According to a new book, novelist Joe McGinniss claims the former half governor of Alaska (she quit halfway through her term) had “a fetish for black guys for a while.” McGinniss names former N.B.A. star Glen Rice (who’s black), as the object of Palin’s affection. This allegedly occurred months before she married her current husband Todd. The book also alleges drug use, abuse of office and racism.

No stranger to controversy McGinniss’s novels have covered an assorted range of high profile people including former president Richard Nixon. This will of course add to the books credibility, however some critics are already questioning the writer’s motives. The New York Times is calling some of his allegations “petty.” But petty doesn’t mean they’re untrue.

Last year further allegations of racism were leveled against Sarah Palin when daughter Bristol got into a relationship with Kyle Massey, the black guy from the Disney Channel’s ‘That’s So Raven.’ The former vice presidential candidate went ballistic; refusing to allow her daughter to date a black man. Little did we know young Bristol Palin was only following in her mother’s footsteps.
Sarah Palin’s bigoted views and intellectual laziness may be adorable to her multitudes of devoted followers, however sleeping with the enemy, no matter how long ago, could be the one unforgivable sin Tea Party loyalists cannot overlook. I mean, someone’s bound to call her a groupie; shattering the safe, soccer mom image Republicans have spent years cultivating.

 Some things can’t be simply chalked up to youthful indiscretion. And before you know it more people start popping up like a jack- in- the- box hurling accusations. Believe it or not, this book has the potential to squash Palin’s 2012 Presidential bid. Reporters are guaranteed to ask her multitudes of questions and digging up skeletons she herself forgot were hidden. In hindsight, we shouldn’t be too surprised. If you think about it Sarah Palin wouldn’t be the first racist to sneak out to the slave quarters when no one's looking. And she sure as hell won’t be the last. Follow Julius Kane At:,, and

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