Thursday, September 8, 2011

Troy Davis Execution Date Set For Sept. 21

By Julius Kane

Troy Davis, the highest profile inmate on Georgia's death row, is only 13 days away from being executed. Despite multiple appeals and international support, Georgia officials are moving forward with the execution. Davis was convicted in 1991 of gunning down 27 year old Mark Mcphaile, an off duty Savannah police officer, in a Burger King Parking Lot. Mcphaile was working security when he heard the screams of a homeless man nearby. When he approached the scene he was shot and killed. At the time witnesses identified Troy Davis as the shooter.

Davis however, has always maintained his innocence; convincing the likes of  Pope Benedict XVI and former President Jimmy Carter to lobby on his behalf. The Federal Court gave Davis the chance to clear his name by giving him a new appeal. However, for some reason, during the hearing Davis chose not to take the stand or call on witnesses who had previously given written statements on his behalf. The court then ruled his new evidence as flimsy at best. That prompted the Supreme Court to refuse to hear Davis' case. Many witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured by police to testify and identify Davis as the shooter. Visit Julius Kane At:

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