Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mexican Car wash Workers Demanding Fair Treatment

By Julius Kane

LA car wash workers are picketing a work environment they describe as "dangerous, unhealthy, and full of wage theft." Thousands of immigrant workers are organizing to stop their bosses "inhumane" treatment on the job. Car wash employees are claiming physical and verbal abuses are happening on a daily basis throughout the car wash industry. Mexican women are claiming sexual harassment and constant threats from owners and managers, while other employees are gathering and demanding gloves and masks to protect themselves from sulfuric acid used to clean customer rims.Their list of demands also include; higher wages, health care, scheduled breaks and break rooms. Workers currently say they are forced to sit and eat next to buckets full of chemicals and dirty wash water. Many complain about making less then minimum wage and work strictly for tips.

Is this a modern day sweat shop or slave labor? The Community Labor Environmental Action Network (C.L.E.A.N) seems to think so. This Los Angeles based group took on the task of helping car wash workers organize. "Don't be afraid. Expose the abuse," they go from car wash to car wash telling employees. Already there have been marches and picketing in front of dozens of car washes throughout
Los Angeles. Are we destined to see car wash workers with health care cards and 401k? Either way it appears the cost to get your rims cleaned is about to go up. Visit Julius Kane At: theunexpurgatedtruth.blogspot.com, facebook.com/juliuskane and Twitter.com/juliuskane.

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