Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rupert Murdoch apoligizes to England. What about an apology to black people here?

You know, It was brought to my attention that Fox Broadcasting Network Mogul, Rupert Murdoch, got in trouble recently with the people of Merry Ol' England. (I'm getting an accent, excuse me chaps.) Murdoch apologized for the recent scandal involving his newspaper The News of the World, after it was discovered there was apparent phone-hacking by his staff. Murdoch took out a full page advertisement to show his remorse and apology for their alleged actions.

This would appear to be a noble act or rather a dragon trying to hide his own tail. Nonetheless, he apologized to the people for these actions. I have a question for Mr. Murdoch. Since you apologized to England for your newspaper, "The News of The World", when will Black Americans get an apology for the racism displayed on Fox News and your other paper, The New York Post? After all, didn't the New York post show an image of Obama as a chimp being shot by two white officers? Hasn't Fox News spewed more hate and venom to Black Americans with calling the First Lady "Obama's Baby Mama" and lynching her, as Bill O Reilly stated on one show?

Don't worry Rupert, you're not alone. We now have to deal with Congressman Lamborn, (R-CO) calling Obama a "tar baby". (Isn't that what started that famous dozen session between Richard Pryor & Chevy Chase on SNL 1975?, #classic) So, don't worry Sir, I think there's plenty of racist rhetoric going around in the world today. Let's just hope you come to your senses and realize, that rich, white folks aren't the only ones that live on this planet. It's just a thought.

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