Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrities Losing their Homes to Foreclosure

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Renee Greene, Your Black World 

According to’s “Distressed Real Estate,” as of July 2011, several famous, and infamous, persons are in the midst of foreclosure and possible foreclosure.

The illustrious AB-(auction block) List includes the following personalities: Cindy (John) McCain’s childhood home in Arizona; R. Kelly’s house in Chicago; Carnie Wilson’s house in Los Angeles; Peggy Tanous’s Irvine, CA home; and Khalil bin Laden’s (yes, Osama’s brother) abandoned home in Oakland, FL. Prince’s home in Chanhassen, MN almost made it to the Carver County auction block in May, when Prince came up with the full amount needed to pay the mortgage off. He now owns his home free and clear.


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