Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Women


by Julius Kane

Over the years I’ve heard about a lot of guys getting caught cheating on their pregnant wives and girlfriends. So I wondered what makes an otherwise loyal mate turn into a ‘whore’ for 9 months and if women should be completely understanding and forgiving of this Jekyll and Hyde type behavior? Of course this condition doesn’t afflict all expecting fathers. One of my best friends said that having sex with his girlfriend when she was about six months pregnant was the best sex he’d ever had. Me personally, I liked it but I was too over cautious to really enjoy it. The thought of there being a baby in the womb while I was in the womb, so to speak, was kind of a turn-off. I know I was young but you couldn’t convince me I wasn’t somehow going to damage the baby. It’s mostly psychological but quite a few men think they’re "bumping the baby’s head" when they’re having sex with a pregnant woman. I think the old joke about the soft spot in a baby’s head coming from too much sex played a role in that psychological disposition; hence some of the cheating.

Some guys will outright say that their woman’s body had changed so much from being pregnant that they no longer found her attractive and couldn’t get aroused. Besides, she was “moody” and “Bitchie” they complained. My neighbor said that when his wife reached 5 months, she was the one that didn’t want to have sex with him, so he secretly went elsewhere. But that’s another story. Fact is, most men who cheat on their pregnant wives or girlfriends would cheat weather she was pregnant or not. Her pregnancy gives them more of a false reason and makes them reckless. It also gives them a good excuse for when or if they get caught. Unfortunately, that makes all expecting look bad.

Men go through a lot dealing with pregnant women. For the most part, (the ones that stick around) their emotional and psychological selves change right along with that woman. The pressure that comes from wanting to be a good father and provider can take a toll. Men bottle a lot of feelings up inside. When there's no one to talk to or no outlet for frustration, temptation becomes harder to resist. And that’s not an excuse for infidelity but it is a fact that’s always glossed over and overlooked. His emotional health should be discussed as well as hers. Vigilance is required on both their parts to keep the relationship on course during those trying 9 months. For pregnant women, a cheating man must come with the territory because all of the men I know who got caught- their pregnant wives and girlfriends took them back before or right after the baby was born. Who would have thought that a pregnant woman could be a man's get out of jail free card! Go figure.

Writer And Publisher Julius Kane is the Author of 'The Fruits of Sarah Bartmaan' and 5 other novels.

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