Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards need tweaking

LOS ANGELES - The BET Awards, hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, rocked the cable airwaves late Sunday night (June 26). Embattled singer Chris Brown (the viewer's choice winner) delivered a stellar performance highlighted by solid vocals and silky smooth dance moves.

17-year-old phenom Justin Bieber made a nice cameo. Beyonce's concert overseas was televised for the viewing audience. And R&B legend Patti LaBelle won the lifetime achievement award.

A couple quick thoughts:

1) BET should consider removing the Gospel segment from it's annual award show. The commingling of religious music and gangsta hip hop seems too awkward. For instance, while performing the hit single "Look at me now," the aforementioned Brown and old school rapper Busta Rhymes had some of their lyrics beeped out to suffocate profanity.

Roughly an hour later, gospel singers were standing on stage in unison singing "What a friend we have in Jesus." Like I said, just plain awkward. From what I understand, BET already has a Gospel Awards Show. That should be enough.

2) Overall, Hart did an admirable job of hosting. But his skits, mainly 'The Real Husbands of Hollywood,' were too buffoonish. Given the abundance of racially-insensitive programming, is it time for BET to change its name?

Could you image the uproar if corporate executives were to create a WET (White Entertainment Network)?

Twenty years ago, BET featured several decent programs in a long list that includes 'Teen Summit, BET News, Mad Sports, Historic Black Colleges & Universities and Video Soul.'

Today, the programming is significantly different. Share your thoughts.

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