Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Today's Teen: Brooklyn Williams

The Thursday Today's Teen is a special way to to recognize the legacy of our black community. The realm of social media and the changing climate of our economy presents many challenges for our youth and teens. We are proud of Your Black World that has a future generation of leaders who are taking incredible steps for the next level of their lives and beyond. This last Thursday Today's Teen in the month of May is Brooklyn Williams.

TEEN BIO:Brooklyn Williams is currently a high school senior at two schools that are two thousand miles apart from one another. Her original high school is on the Northeast and the second is in the Southwest parts of the US. Brooklyn's father; a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force (USAF) received an assignment at a USAF military installation in Texas. Brooklyn was torn as a junior in high school about remaining in New York where she grew up with friends from elementary school. Most teens would probably relish the thought of not having parental supervision but Brooklyn took a closer look at her options. She recognized after a visit to the high school in Texas; during the Thanksgiving holiday break that the class sizes were a lot smaller and offered more hands-on instruction than the large over crowded classrooms with "stressed-out" teachers she attended in New York.

Brooklyn reflected on how she wanted to attend college but lacked certain critical academic study habits and skills. She made a decision to leave her impressive tenure as an all-star athlete which included, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. In Brooklyn's eyes, the awards from school, press she received from the local newspaper, and good prospect to become the recipient of an athletic scholarship could not come close to how she felt about being a mediocre student. Brooklyn knew her critical thinking, reasoning, reading and comprehension, and kinetic skills were sub-par. So, she enrolled at the high school in Texas , took a break from sports, and eventually became an award-winning honor roll student.

Brooklyn, found out through her high school counselor in Texas that her prayers were answered, to take her final semester of classes as a high school senior in New York and still be able to graduate in Texas. Basically, Brooklyn took advantage of The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (ICEOMC); a cooperative effort among 27 states in the US to work with military children regarding, the administrative, transferring of records, and related needs through a more efficient process to help with the progressive and academic development of students in the US.

FUTURE PLANS: Brooklyn was recently accepted into SUNY DELHI located in Delhi, NewYork. as a freshmen student for Fall 2011. She is planning to pursue her passion and love of animals by becoming a certified NYS Veterinary Science Technician. She is an advocate of animal rights and wants to open her own rescue and safe haven for animals. She is also the excellent care giver to her family pets, Sammie, Tex, and Quest; whom were all rescued homeless puppies in Texas now living in New York. Go Team Brooklyn!

Leslie Detouche is a certified literary concierge and freelance writer based in New York. Her website and facebook page will be coming this summer 2011. Please join the Your Black World Coalition at

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