Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Michael Jackson's sister, Rebbie and niece, Yashi's Mission on Mental Illness

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. A member from one of the most famous American families is using her celebrity background, talent, and personal experience to fight mental illness. In a recent Jet magazine article, “Journey from Despair to Discovery…” – Yashi Brown, niece of music icon, Michael Jackson opened up about the major behavioral changes she noticed in her early 20’s. Yashi’s mother, Rebbie Jackson-Brown; her biggest supporter and entire support circle from both sides of her family – rallied around with love to help.
---Yashi has been diagnosed with the most critical form of bipolar disorder, a mental health illness and uses a combination of medication and her love of writing poetry as therapy. Her resilience to fight this plight with bipolar disorder is rooted in family unity. Yashi’s family flocked to the home of matriarch, Katherine Jackson when Michael Jackson died in 1999. Black Daisy In a White Limousine: 77 Poems is Yashi’s latest book. She also is the founder of the organization, People of Poetry (P.O.P.) to further her message on how to combat mental health issues.
---Mental Illness is prevalent in the black community. Some notable African Americans with bouts of mental health illness include, Earl Simmons aka DMX, Mike Tyson, Macy Gray, Nina Simone, Beyonce Knowles, Bobby Brown, Naomi Campbell, Terrie Williams and Thelonious Monk. So, you or loved one’s are not alone in seeking the proper diagnosis/treatment or learning more about mental illness. Check out these mental health activities and resources:

*National Minority Mental Health Month:
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*Active Minds-Changing the Conversation about Mental Health:
*Mental Health America (Live Your Life Well Campaign):

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