Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flash Feature: Denise Bolds

The Friday Flash Feature shines a spotlight on a person or group that is accomplishing various personal or professional goals in the black community. From starting a business venture, buying a house, overcoming a food addiction to dating a new man/woman of your dreams; we have a heritage that is rich with impeccable tradition of numerous trailblazers. We are proud of Your Black World that is over flowing with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This first Friday Flash Feature in the month of May will be Denise Bolds.

Denise Bolds, MSW and PhD candidate is a single black parent of a son in college, author, community activist, advocate and public speaker. Ms. Bolds’ first book: Raising Princes to be Kings: The Black Single Mother's Guide to Raising Her Black Son” is beneficial for all black mothers. She believes that every black mother is capable of raising a Barak Obama, Denzel Washington, Ben Carson and many other successful black men. Her book discusses the relationship between black mothers with black son(s) from pregnancy to college and beyond. She wants black mothers to celebrate motherhood and to benefit from the success of motherhood as an empowering investment. She also feels that raising a black son to a man takes sacrifice, dedication and preparation as well as discipline of the self; furthermore, from childhood to adulthood - the black man faces many stigmas, slights and stresses. Ms. Bolds is also the producer and host of the radio show, Black Motherhood Empowerment, which focuses on the diversity of black motherhood from homophobia, health, HIV/Aids, special education, natural hair care and other related topics with over 23,000 listeners and growing.

STAYING MOTIVATED: Denise stays motivated by keeping close communication with her audience. She believes in the power of listening and using this gift to adequately meet the needs of the individuals and families she works with.

Ms. Bolds is on Facebook, BlogTalk Radio, her website is

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