Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Latest Black News – 10/6/10

  • Lil Wayne To Serve Time In Isolation At Rikers Island

    10:25 AMOct 6

    Source: BV Black Spin

    Rapper Lil Wayne has been moved into what Rikers Island officials refer to as "punitive segregation," New York Department of Corrections Spokesman, Stephen Morello confirmed to CNN. The artist began the prison stint back in March because of a gun ... Read More

  • Memphis Teen Shot in Butt for Not Pulling Up Pants

    10:04 AMOct 6

    Source: BV Black Spin

    No "pants on the ground" for a Memphis man who is accused of shooting a teen in the butt, because he didn't like how his pants were sagging. ... Read More

  • Healed!!!

    12:34 AMOct 6

    Source: BV Wellness

    Your Daily Affirmation for Wednesday, October 5, 2010: I AM one with God, the single greatest source of healing in the Universe. Today I set my intention to heal myself and others. I started by aligning myself with Spirit. Then I supplant any ...Read More

  • Dr. Boyce Video: The Future of Hip-Hop, Part 2

    9:53 PMOct 5

    Source: BV on Money

    ... Read More

  • Hunky 'Undercovers' Actor, Boris Kodjoe, is Over Sex Symbol Status

    7:07 PMOct 5

    Source: BV Newswire

    Since making a splash ten years ago in the hit Showtime series 'Soul Food,' Boris Kodjoe has made a conscious effort to shake his sex symbol status and be taken seriously as an actor. Though the 37 year-old German-born hunk still has his fair share ... Read More

  • Good Fellow: Wyclef Jean to Teach at Ivy League University

    6:06 PMOct 5

    Source: BV Buzz

    On the heels of recent reports that he had been hospitalized for "stress and fatigue – read: 'Wyclef Jean Hospitalized for Stress and Fatigue in Secret Location' – now comes news that Wyclef Jean has accepted an appointment at Rhode ... Read More

  • Bishop Eddie Long Speaks Frankly on Wealth: 'Not Just a Church, We're an International Corporation'

    4:57 PMOct 5

    Source: BV on Money

    From According to, Bishop Eddie Long is worth $5 million. Honestly, I think that their estimate is probably inaccurate, since most of the world doesn't know much about the lucrative life of black megapastors. ...Read More

  • Idris Elba in Talks to Play Another Marvel Superhero, Luke Cage or Blade?

    4:40 PMOct 5

    Source: BV on Movies

    Although he's already set to play a comic book character in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of 'Thor,' a Marvel Films production, British actor Idris Elba stated in a recent magazine that he may be asked to play another superhero. In speaking with Total ... Read More

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