Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Protect Your Children from Abuse

Dr. Towanna Freeman, a leading youth advocate, was asked about the case of the 12-year old pregnant girl who was kidnapped by her father. When asked how people can protect their children, Dr. Freeman had this to say:

Sexual abuse can absolutely devastate a person’s life. No matter how small the act, it can take a lifetime to reverse the damages. Here are five easy steps you can take to protect your family and loved ones from sexual abuse.

1. Have open discussion about what is healthy sexual behavior and what is abusive sexual behavior.

2. Let children know they can come to you if they are not comfortable being around a particular adult or older child.

3. Talk openly and often about inappropriate sexual behavior that you see on television or hear about in the media.

4. Inform other adults or older children who spend time around or supervise the children that if the child does not want a hug or kiss, then a simple handshake is perfectly acceptable.

5. Finally, educate yourself to recognize warning signs that a child may have been sexually abused.

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