Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiger Woods Wins Another One in the Clutch

Tiger Woods’s victory Sunday in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill stirred memories and elicited a familiar litany of reasons to be amazed.

Was it about his clutch putting, his ability to come back from a five-stroke deficit, his late charge or his intimidating presence? Important aspects, all.

But the most significant proof that Woods is whole again was the re-emergence of his ineluctable sense of the moment and his impeccable timing. Not a minute too soon, or too late, Woods delivered a vivid reminder of what makes him special: It is not merely his unrivaled game, but his ability to create a show unlike any other at precisely the right time — and with the Masters on the horizon next week.

Certainly, there was no shortage of golf excellence on display during Woods’s nine-month absence. It came in all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities, from the American Kenny Perry, 48; to the Irishman Rory McElroy, 19; to the Korean-American Anthony Kim, 23; to the Colombian Camilo Villegas, 25. Each had their moments.

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