Friday, January 30, 2009

Lil Kim Gets Lectured by Biggie's Mama

I guess Voletta Wallace is getting fed up, just like the rest of us, with all the drama surrounding her son's biopic "Notorious". In a recent interview with Hip-Hop Weekly Ms. Wallace puts Lil' Kim on blast and let's her know how she really feels.
Read what she had to say below:
“She felt the character we chose for her was ‘too dark,’ ” Wallace said. “Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil’ Kim’s words. She should be ashamed of herself.”

“Tell Lil’ Kim to go find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life!” Wallace went on. “This movie is not about Lil’ Kim. She felt we used her character to promote [but] this movie is about my son. … Lil’ Kim needs to go sit down.”
I am starting to feel sorry for Kim b/c it seems like everyone is ganging up on her, first Charli B. and now Ms. Wallace.
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