Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Your Black News: African Americans Not Exempt from International Terrorism

LONDON (NNPA) – In the wake of the terrorist killings of nearly 300 people in Mumbai, India’s largest city, Black leaders are pressing for more information and cautioning African-Americans to be clear that they are not exempt as targets at home or abroad.

“Terrorism must not be seen in Black-White terms. There is no safe haven for Blacks when terror strikes,” says the Rev. Jesse Jackson during an NNPA interview as he toured London, Birmingham and Liverpool this week. “For example, Al-Qaida struck Kenya before it struck New York…When the terror attacks hit New York, there were no reserve spots for Blacks. It’s deeply ideological.”

Early news reports said the attackers were trained in Pakistan and appeared to be seeking to kill Americans, British and Israelis.

Outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, also in London on Monday, called on full Pakistani cooperation with the investigation. Headed to India, she urged its government to focus on the investigation of the attacks, and to avoid troop maneuvers or other actions that could cause “unintended consequences,” according to the news website Guardian.Co.UK.

The greatest danger of conflict between Pakistan and India is that they both have nuclear weapons, Jackson said in the interview.

“One motive of the terrorists is to turn those governments against each other, which would be indescribable loss of life. We must not allow the terror attacks to be successful in turning Pakistan and India into overt enemies because it makes the whole world less secure.”

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