Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sign Up Begins For New-Orleans School Vouchers

Parents can start applying Monday for the new state-funded scholarship program designed for Kindergarten through third grade students. The program allows those children in Orleans Public Schools to attend private schools.

Yashica Smith is the proud mother of four children. She hopes to enroll her first grader into a private school through the program.

"I always wanted my children to go to a private school and by me having so many kids, I look at this as being a great opportunity," she said.

The Louisiana legislature approved the $10 million program designed to pay tuition for up to 1,500 kindergarteners through third graders during the last legislative session. 

Kevin Wingate is the Assistant Principal at the Upperroom Bible Church Pre-School and Academy. The school has requested to take 80 students as part of the scholarship program. 

"You have the majority of parents because had no choice had to put children in public school because of financial reasons but they have a desire to put the child in a different environment," he said. 

Parents whose children attend Orleans Public Schools aren't the only ones with a high level of interest in the progrm. Dozens of private schools across the state have contacted the Louisiana Department of Education eager to enroll.....

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