Sunday, July 20, 2008

Black News: Lady Drama Joins Wendy Williams Show

Anybody that reads YourBlackWorld has probably stopped by the gossip section to read up on the lives of celebrities. It is a guilty pleasure for some people, but for Ebony Garris, it is a regular day at work.

Garris is the writer of YourBlackGossip, and under the name Lady Drama, she keeps us all informed about what is going on with our favorite Hollywood hipsters. But this talented talker is not just the writer for YBG, Garris keeps the gossip coming in to as a rumor-assistant, and she also writes columns for Hood and Urban Magazines.

Lady Drama always had a love for gossiping. Growing up she looked up to and regularly listened to Wendy Williams, while harnessing her talent for writing. Garris has been a gossip professional for three years, but has been a writer for six, and continues to flourish at both. The name Lady Drama just came to her one night, and from then on her career as gossip diva extraordinaire set its own path to success.

So does Lady Drama, queen of gossip at YBW, read gossip sites too? Yep! She admits being well acquainted with sites like, and She’s not a huge fan of, and when asked why she explained that the site is not very honest. Lady Drama takes pride in her work, saying, “I say how I feel and I’m very honest about it…[] likes to bring celebrities down…that’s not what I do.”

How does one find the material to create a gossip site? Lady Drama tells about how at first a gossip guru must do a lot of research. Googling names and looking up court dates are only two of the tactics that kept her busy collecting material. But as success of the site grew, Lady Drama fans began sending in their tips, sightings and rumors.

The regular Gossip Girl admits that the best thing about her job is being able to know everybody else’s business while they know nothing about her! She laughs, “Everybody gossips, why not get paid for it!” Although Lady Drama keeps current and informed 24/7 with the lives involved in the world of entertainment, she thinks of the name as her alter ego. Ebony Garris is calm and cool, and Lady Drama is always in tune with Hollywood and the latest buzz.

Our own Lady Drama has tons of plans for the future, including an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show this Tuesday. On July 22nd, if you’re in the New York, Dallas, Detroit or Los Angeles areas, tune into Fox 5 at 10am to catch Lady Drama introduce the show! The opportunity to meet her idol came when she got a call from the producers of the show a couple days after requesting audience tickets.

In addition to that, Garris is currently working on a book that she would like to have out by next summer! As she is finishing up her book, print publication is also her focus. In the future, she plans to do more magazines, columns, newspapers and websites. Garris would like for Lady Drama to continue to succeed and become well known, and with the way she’s going now, that is sure to happen soon!

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