Thursday, June 5, 2008

TD Jakes: Once Stood with Bush, Now Flips to Barack Obama

It seems that following the crowd is the fashionable thing to do. Megachurch pastor TD Jakes, who was once criticized for hanging out with President Bush after Hurricane Katrina, is now writing op-ed pieces for CNN in support of Senator Barack Obama. It seems that rich megapastors will support whomever they need to in order to remain popular. Bob Johnson is another wealthy black man who seems to jump on whatever side of the politican fence he can to serve his personal interests. He has been known for hanging out with the Bushes, and he has also been known for spending time on the Democratic side. Since he was stumping for Hillary Clinton, he may have lost his ticket on the Barack Obama train.

Here is the op-ed written by TD Jakes. If McCain wins the election, I am sure he will be hanging out with him as well. I wonder where his heart really lies? Or is it that he keeps lies in his heart? I guess the world may never know.

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