Monday, February 11, 2008

Barack Obama Has Hillary Clinton on Her Heels

After a weekend sweep, Senator Barack Obama has Hillary Clinton back peddling and looking like an underdog. Visibly shaken, the Clinton campaign made major changes over the weekend, with Clinton firing her Campaign Manager, Patti Solis Doyle and replaced her with Maggie Williams, an African-American.

Making a change so late in the process further heightens rumors that the Clinton Campaign is in real trouble. Last week, speculation was fueled by the fact that Clinton was forced to loan $5 million to her own campaign, while Obama was setting fund-raising records.

Things are expected to get worse for Clinton in the near future. Obama may also sweep the contests in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. The voting is set to take place on Tuesday.

The delegate count between Clinton and Obama is now 1,139 to 1,135, in favor of Obama. Some see this as a symbolic shift, as Obama's momentum is currently quite strong. A candidate would need 2,025 delegates in order to clinch the Democratic nomination.

David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, has not yet rested.

"The Clintons are far better-known and have a political machine that's been honed over two decades," Plouffe said.

"But the more voters get to know Obama and his message of change, the more they support him, which bodes well for the upcoming primaries."

Obama also won a Grammy this weekend for the audiobook version of "Audacity of Hope", his best-selling book.

The race is not over, as Clinton is expected to have the advantage over Obama in the March 4 votes in Texas and Ohio. Wisconsin would also be a strong victory, with voters coming together on February 19.

"I have the ability to bring people together," Obama stated this weekend in Alexandria, Virginia. "If you will vote for me on Tuesday ... we will transform this country."

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Anonymous said...

No Clinton has more money (in total) than Obama. Check out CNN money watch on candidates. But, Obama is doing a good job in interest and getting new money. Clinton just peaked at asking online for money and raised $10M in 72 hours from 100K+ donors.

So it is a battle of the titans.