Friday, January 4, 2008

Vivica Fox Claims Sex Tape Doesn't Exist

According to Fox news, actress Vivica A. Fox is "brushing off" the latest rumors of her having a sex tape released by her boyfriend. The man allegedly filmed Fox giving him oral sex and then distributed the tape to his friends via the Internet.

It was later reported by Porsche Foxx on V-103 that the tape was indeed real and that people were sending it to one another. Instances of the tape on the internet were removed from most websites.

Atlanta police spokesperson James Polite told The New York Daily News "At this time, we have no formal complaint from Miss Fox." Some have speculated that Fox sought advice from a friend on the police department and may have skipped formal procedures.

"If it was something that was consensual, we're not looking at a crime, per se," Polite said. "If the [boyfriend] is trying to extort Miss Fox, that's when we begin to look at a criminal element."

If this is indeed a publicity stunt, it is the latest in a long string of interesting behavior on the part of Vivica. Last month, she was booked for drunken driving and could end up with a $1,000 fine and a one year jail term. When she was arrested, she referred to the officer as a "White racist cop."

Fox also dated the rapper 50 Cent when he released his first album. The rapper eventually broke it off with Fox after feeling that she was only dating him to obtain publicity.


MrsGrapevine said...

Something exists, someone e-mailed me a copy today.

Anonymous said...

I'll Pray for you.