Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Remy Ma Hit Up for Major Dollars

The AP is reporting that Remy Ma is being sued for $20M for the alleged shooting of Makeda Barnes-Joseph. Ma is alleged to have shot the woman over $2,000 that she thought she stole from her.

The lawsuit claims that the shooting left Barnes-Joseph disabled, anxious and depressed. Universal Music Group is also named in the lawsuit, since they should have known that Remy has "had a history of unlawful, violent and anti-social behavior."

The defendants "encouraged her to engage in a pattern of harassment, threats, intimidation, physical violence and illegal acts which were designed and calculated by these defendants to enhance, market and promote the persona of 'Remy Ma,'" the records have shown in the lawsuit.

The troubles don't stop there for Remy Ma. Since the alleged shooting, she has not been able to get booked regularly due to legal liability and the judge told her that she could not do her tour overseas because she is awaiting trial for the shooting.

Damn girl, life is getting complicated, ain't it?

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