Monday, January 7, 2008

Kibaki Violence Continues in Kenya

A week of post-election violence in Kenya has left 250,000 people homeless and over 300 dead. This is a surprising reality, given that the nation of known for being a safe haven for those fleeing war ravaged countries.

"I can't believe it. We're refugees in our own land," said Dan Mugambi, a 35-year-old teacher who was among about 15,000 people sheltering in a primary school compound in the North Rift Valley village of Kachibora. "This has never happened here before."

Kenya has turned chaotic after supporters of the opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki of rigging the presidential election. The election was held on December 27.

Odinga blames Kibaki for the violence, claiming that he armed militant gangs in Nairobi slums to cause the chaotic violence after the elections.

It has also been reported that former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been called in to help find a solution to the violence.

The United States initially congratulated Kibaki for the election, but then retracted after the EU and Great Britain called the outcome into question. The only country on record for congratulating Kibaki is Uganda.

“You need to address the genesis of this violence,” Odinga said during interviews. “Most of this has been done by Munguki, the government has armed illegal terrorist organization called [Munguki] organization who started long before. They are responsible for killing people.”

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