Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton Wins Nevada, Obama Wins the Black Vote

African-Americans in Nevada showed overwhelming support for Senator Barack Obama. However, this was not enough for him to defeat Hillary Clinton. Black voters represent 16% of the voting population in Nevada, and 80% of these voters supported Barack Obama.

The same was true in Michigan, where polls say that Obama would have won over 70% of the black vote. Some argue that this predicts a clear victory for Obama in South Carolina, where half of the voting population is African American.

Rather than support Senator Clinton in Michigan (where Obama chose not to participate due to party sanctions), 70% of African-American voters chose to vote "uncommitted". CNN exit polls showed that these voters were in overwhelming support of Barack Obama.

African-Americans have long supported the Clintons, with Bill Clinton having been called "The first black president" by Toni Morrison. The name was also adopted by Hillary Clinton as well. But many have come to question the Clinton commitment to African-Americans, leading to a substantial decline in African-American support for the Clintons.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee won the Nevada Caucus. South Carolina's primary serves as an important symbolic win for whichever candidate emerges victorious.

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